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Changing Exhibits


Our Nevada Stories: Objects Found in Time is on display in the North Changing Gallery. Learn about the state symbols and Nevada minerals. See a detailed model of the State Capitol. Discover a beautiful historic quilt and the first known specimen of the North American Ice Age Cheetah, plus original American Indian art, and artifacts of historic value to people and communities.


Thumbnail, Paris- GIFTS of HEALING:  French Travel Posters 1945-1949These 21 travel posters (1945-1949) were gifted to Nevada aboard the Merci Train in February of 1949. The Société Nationale des Chemins de fer Français, the French National Railways, commissioned contemporary regional artists to depict stunning French landscapes, historical provinces, and cultural regions. 

Permanent Exhibits

Historic Carson City Mint

Take a walk through time at the Nevada State Museum in Carson City. Your first step brings you into the former Carson City Mint building where coins were minted from 1870 to 1893 - - 57 issues of silver, all bearing the distinguishing "CC" mint mark. On display is the formidable Coin Press No. 1 and a complete set of Carson City Morgan dollars.nsmcc_coin_press_no_1_on_white_600x788.jpg

Nevada's Changing Earth

Nevada's Changing Earth Exhibit explores the state's geologic history from 1,750 million years ago to 40 million years ago. The story is told through the use of original illustrations together with rock specimens and field photographs, as well as a walk-through Devonian Sea.


Visit America's largest exhibited Columbian mammoth found in Nevada's Black Rock Desert, reconstructed in his death scene fight for life in a small, mud-glazed water hole.


Nevada: A People & Place Through Time

Walk through a timeline of Nevada history.

Be sure to see the USS Nevada Battleship silver service fashioned from 5,000 ounces (417 pounds troy weight) of silver from the deep shafts of the Tonopah mines and lined with gold from Goldfield.


Take a tour of the famous underground mine.


Under One Sky

Explore Under One Sky, a Native American exhibit from their perspective and in their own words. Find out when humans first occupied the Nevada portion of the Great Basin, the natural foods they collected and the skills they used for survival. See a reconstruction of a Great Basin cave containing evidence of past cultures and climate.