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Donate Objects to the Nevada Historical Society

To Donate Papers, Personnel & Business Records and Manuscript Materials
Sheryln L. Hayes-Zorn
775-688-1190 ext. 223

To Donate Baskets, Artwork, Clothing, Sporting, Household & Historical Artifacts
Christine K. Johnson
775-688-1190 ext. 231

To Donate Photographs and Albums
Lee P. Brumbaugh
775-688-1190 ext. 228

To Donate Ephemera, Print & Library Materials
Michael Maher
775-688-1190 ext. 227

How to Donate Your History to the Nevada Historical Society

The Nevada Historical Society collects artifacts, textiles, basketry, paintings, books, photographs, and manuscripts relating to the state of Nevada, the Great Basin region, and the West. Because of limitations, we do not accept objects that do not meet our collection criteria. If you are interested in offering items to the NHS if possible they should be brought to the Nevada Historical Society at 1650 North Virginia Street, on the UNR campus in Reno.

It is best if you contact the appropriate staff member, by phone or email, and arrange for an appointment. A member of the Nevada Historical Society staff will examine the object(s) to determine whether they should be added to the collections. Once a decision is made the donor is notified in person, by phone, or in writing.

Objects accepted for consideration by the Nevada Historical Society are held by NHS for no more than thirty days, unless another period is specified. During this period, the objects are housed and cared for in the same manner that the NHS cares for objects already in its collections. The NHS must be held harmless for any damage that occurs to the object while it is on the Society's premises. Objects left at the NHS are uninsured and the owner assumes all risk when leaving any object with the Society. All objects are considered the property of the owner until a Gift of Deed has been signed for the object.

If the NHS decides to accept the object(s), the owner will be required to sign a Deed of Gift document transferring ownership of the object(s) to the Nevada Historical Society. The donor will receive an official copy of the Deed of Gift. NHS staff members cannot legally appraise historical objects. Anyone wishing to receive a tax deduction for their donation should consult a qualified appraiser at their own expense. The curatorial staff at the NHS can refer donors to appropriate appraisers.