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Saturday, Nov 5, 2016
10:00 am - 5:00 pm

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Sheryln Hayes-Zorn
Curator of Manuscripts


775-688-1190 ext. 223

American Gaming Archives - 3rd Annual 
Chip Dig and Gaming Lectures Event

10am-4:30pm - Vendors
Vendors will be available in the permanent gallery, selling and buying chips and gaming collectibles. Stop on by to add to your collection or learn more about this part of Nevada's gaming history.

11-12pm—Russell Umbraco
The History of Faro
A live demonstration and presentation of the history and play of the game Topics covered will include terms used, stories, betting, cheating and why the game is no longer played in casinos.

2-3pm—Michael Fischer
Reno's Bank Club: The Early Center of the Nevada Gaming Universe
The Bank Club immodestly advertised itself as America’s Largest Clubroom, Headquarters for All Major Sporting Events and Reno’s Favorite Bar! They were masters of promotion long before it was commonly used for gambling houses. Pin-ups and naked women graced the Club’s walls and advertising. It was also the center for crime, corruption and political intrigue for 1930s era Nevada. Long before organized crime infiltrated Las Vegas, big time gangsters safely hid out in Reno and enjoyed its wide-open atmosphere. This presentation, presented by Dr. Michael E. Fischer, will follow the places and players who made Reno – the center of the gambling universe and the Bank Club - the center of Reno from the 30s to the 50s!

3-4pm—Howard Herz
Card Art—Marked Cards—Read ‘em & Reap
Marked Cards have been around since shortly after playing cards were invented.  They became a necessary tool for those who sought to balance the scales with Lady Luck.  Certain standard card marking combinations were so well known that they became known as "Popular Readers" and were  openly advertised as such in manufacturer's catalogs.  The lecture explores some of the 19th and 20th century history of card marking and how it was (and is) employed in gambling.