A History of Native Nevadans through Photography

Silver gelatin print, 4 1/4 x 6 1/2 inches. Eth-24

Mokeeta with a boy, presumably his son.
Northern Paiute, Nixon.

This on-line exhibit is an adaptation of one curated by Lee Brumbaugh and shown at the Nevada Historical Society in 1997. Of necessity, several sections of the original have been omitted and the number of photographs reduced -- from over one hundred, to fifty-four. We have also added a few items not present in the original exhibit: a map of Native American Nevada; an index of the photographs shown; an explanation of the different photographic processes used; and a page of links to other Native Nevadan WWW sites.

The entire on-line exhibit is 68 web pages. (All the images, one per page, will load quickly if your modem is 14.4 or faster.) To view it in sequence, simply click on the green arrows. If you prefer to see only some of the photographs, you can access them randomly from the "Index of Images" page.

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