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The famous two-headed calf  


Two Headed Calf


Fun Calf Facts:

  • The calf was born April 1930 at the Gardella Ranch, Wadsworth, NV.
  • The calf had two hearts, two stomachs, two sets of lungs, etc...
  • The mother cow gave birth to two sets of normal calf twins the next year.
  • The museum has had the two-headed calf since November 16, 1944.
  • In honor of the Society's 100th birthday, the calves were named six-legged Dan and two-headed Slim.



Pony Express Kids
The Pony express was created in 1860 and only ran for 18 months. Interesting items for kids include the puzzle , map of the orginial route from St. Louis, MO to San Francisco, CA, and a wanted riders poster.


eu-00306_wells_fargo_express_wagon-web.jpgWells Fargo Stage Kids

The history of Wells Fargo stage was an important form of transportation in the state of Nevada. Interesting items for kids include a printable stage wagon diagram, a stage color page, and a stage drivers song.


40_mile_desert1849-web.jpgEmigrant Trail Kids

The history of people heading west was an important part of the American West. The immigrants followed trails to find the best way for their families traveling in covered wagons to start a new life. Interesting items for kids include a printable page of the different types of covered wagons, a supply list of food that were necessary for the 5-6 month journey , a couple of diary entries of the hardships associated with the travel as the emigrants reached Nevada.

Exploring History with the Nevada Historical Society
Activities for in the Gallery, at Home, and in the Classroom


Exploring History with the Nevada Historical Society offers history-based activities for children from age seven to thirteen or second to eighth grade. The activities can be performed in a museum gallery, in the classroom, or at home.

To request a copy of the activity book, visit the Nevada Historical Society at 1650 N. Virginia Street, Reno, call 775-688-1191, ext 231, or send an e-mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .  

October 15, 2013 update... our activity book is currently out of print. We will be getting more books printed in early 2014.

To explore other children's activities and information check out our kids page at NevadaKidsPage.org.