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The Nevada State Museum offers an interactive visitor experience that interprets the history of Nevada dating back millions of years to the present. Across a 13,000 square-foot permanent exhibit gallery visitors will find how geology shaped the Great Basin and Nevada, learn of the early flora and fauna that roamed this once great sea. Hear the story of Native Americans, pioneers, early settlers, miners, railroaders, ranchers and entrepreneurs. Learn about the Hoover Dam, the atomic era and the rise of Las Vegas as the resort capital of the world.


dusk to dawn Explore southern Nevada from Dusk to Dawn in this multimedia exhibit featuring some of our best specimens and footage shot exclusively for NSMLV


Examine native plants, bones of extinct animals, and mineral specimens.
Natural History


First Peoples Meet Sarah Winnemucca, Wovoka, and Dat So La Lee and learn how Native Americans shaped, and continue to shape, the history and culture of Nevada.


From the federal government to show girls, see how Nevada and Las Vegas have changed through the years.