Book Reference and Price List PDF Print


 Southwest Indian Cookbook  Marcia Keegan 12.95 
Pueblo Indian Cookbook   11.95
Mormon Cookbook   5.00
 Hopi Cookery  Juanita Tiger Kavena 15.95 


Arts & Crafts
 Southwest Indian Arts & Crafts  Mark Bahti  $8.95
 A Guide to Navajo Rugs  Susan Lamb 4.95 
 A Guide to Pueblo Pottery  Susan Lamb 4.95 
 Hopi Kachinas  Clara Lee Tanner 6.95 
 A Guide to Zuni Fetishes & Carvings  Kent McManis 14.95
 North American Indian Designs (color book)  Paul E. Kennedy 3.95 
 North American Indian Arts (Golden Guide)  Andrew H. Whiteford 6.95 
 North American Indian Stickers  Orban-Szontagh 1.50 
 Southwest Indian Stickers  Organ-Szontagh 1.50 
 Indian Design Stained Glass (color book)  John Green 1.50 
 A Guide to Indian Jewelry of the Southwest  Georgiana Kennedy Simpson 5.95 
 North American Indian Motifs CD-ROM & Book  Dover Publishers 16.95
 North American Indian Crafts (color book)  Peter F. Copeland 2.95 
 Southwest Indian Pottery  Bruce Hucko 9.95 
 Collecting Southwest Indian Arts & Crafts  Tanner, et al 6.95 
Southwestern Indian Weaving   9.95
Valley of Fire Print Gene Segerblom 2.00


Native American
 Southwest Indian Tribes  Tom Bahti $8.95 
Mouse's Tank The Legend Retold Mike Donahue 19.95
The Spirit of Indian Women   14.95
 Ancient Indians of the Southwest  David Grant Noble 9.95 
 Southwest Indian Ceremonials  Tom Bahti 8.95 
 Easy Field Guide to Southwestern Petrogylphs  Elizabeth C. Welsh 1.50 
 Indian Heritage of the Southwest   5.00
 Petrogylphs Sheets  Lost City Museum .25 
 Survival Arts of Primtive Paiutes  Margaret M. Wheat 19.95 
 Southern Paiutes: Legends, Lore, Language & Lineage  LaVan Marineau 24.95 
 Native American Wisdom  Photos by: E.S. Curtis 4.95 
 Myths & Legends of the Indians of the Southwest  Dutton & Olin 4.95 
 Book of the Hopi  Frank Waters 13.95 
Native American Mazes   1.50
Easy Field Guide Rock Art Symbols
Easy Field Guide to Petroglyphs   1.75
A Guide to Ancient Cultures   6.95
 Indian Design Tattoos  Peter Linenthal 1.50 
 The Pueblo  Alfonso Oritz 9.95 
 The Navajos  Peter Iverson 9.95 
 Life in a Pueblo  Bobbie Kalman  8.95 
 A True Book: The Hopi  Andrew Santella 6.95 
 A True Book: The Navajo  Andrew Santella 6.95 
 A True Book: The Pueblos  Andrew Santella 6.95 
 A True Book: The Utes  Andrew Santella 6.95 
 A True Book: The Zunis  Andrew Santella 6.95 
Rock Art Symbols of The Southwest A. Patterson 17.50


Prehistory Publications
 Nevada's Lost City Museum  Olson & Olson $2.00 
Three Corners Conference Proceedings 2005
 Anasazi: Prehistoric Cultures of the Southwest  Rose Houk 3.95 
 Southwest Museum Leaflets    
 #9 Ancient Tribes of the Boulder Dam Country  M.R. Harrington 1.00 
 Southwest Museum Papers    
 Prehistoric Southwest from Basketmaker to Pueblo  Charles Avery Amsden 5.00 
 Anthropological Papers    
 #19 Prehistoric Settlement in Moapa Valley  Jeanne Wilson Clark 12.00 
 #22 Investigations at Adam 2-A Mesa House Phase Site in Moapa Valley  Lyneis, Rusco & Myhrer 12.00 
 #23 Hunter-Gatherer Pottery from the Far West  Joanne M. Mack 20.00 
 The Main Ridge Community at Lost City  Margaret M. Lyneis 25.00 
Those Who Came Before Robert & Florence Lister 16.95
On The Trail of Forgotten People   12.50


Desert Plants
 Flowers of the Southwest Deserts  Natt N. Dodge $12.95 
Southwest Cacti, Trees, & Shrubs   5.95
Wildflowers of North America Frank D. Venning 15.95
 Native Plants of Southern Nevada  Janice Emily Bowers 24.95 
 100 Desert Wildflowers  Alexander C. Martin 7.95 
 Easy Field Guide to Common Desert Cactus  Dr. Wes Larson 1.50 
 A Field Folio of Indian & Pioneer Medicinal Plants  Jon Mark Stewart 10.00 
 Mojave Desert Wildflowers  Pierre C. Fischer 24.95 
 70 Common Cacti  Edited by: D.L. Eppele 9.95 
 The Desert in Bloom  Paul E. Kennedy 6.00
 Fun with Desert Plants Stencils  John Green 1.50 
Deserts   6.95
North American Deserts Coloring Book   3.95
 Southwest Desert Plants Stained Glass (color book)   1.50 


Desert Dwellers
 Easy Field Guide to Common Desert Insects  Richard & Sharon Nelson $1.75
 Easy Field Guide to Southwestern Snakes  Richard & Sharon Nelson 1.75
 Easy Field Guide to Common Desert Birds  Richard & Sharon Nelson 1.75
 Butterflies & Moths (Golden Guide)  Mitchell & Zim 6.95 
 Insects (Golden Guide)  Zim & Cottom 6.95 
Poisonous Animals (Golden Guide)   6.95
 Reptiles & Moths (Golden Guide)  Zim & Smith 6.95 
Venomous Critters of The Southwest   4.95
 Scorpions & Venomous Insects of the Southwest   9.95 
 Southwest Desert Wildlife   Dist. By: Smith SW Inc. 5.00
 Learning About Desert Animals  Sy Barlowe 1.50 
 Scats & Tracks of the Desert Southwest  Helfpenny & Telander 9.95 
 The Roadrunner  James W. Cornett 9.95 
 Living Desert Newspaper   Illustrations by: Jan Gunlock .25 
 Birds (Golden Guide)  Zim & Babrielson 6.95 
 Birds of North America (Golden Guide)  Brunn, Robbins & Zim 15.95 
 Snakes, Lizards & Turtles of the Lake Mead Area  Russell K. Grater 4.95 
 Desert Animal Stickers  Steven James Petruccio 1.50 
 Southwest Desert Animals Stained Glass (color book)  John Green 1.50 


 Geology (Golden Guide)  Frank H. T. Rhodes $6.95 
 Geology of the Great Basin  Bill Fiero 29.95 
 Rocks & Minerals (Golden Guide)  Zim & Shaffer 6.95 
 Rocks & Minerals (Field Guide)  Charles A. Sorrell 15.95 
 A Guide to Rock Art Sites  Whitley 20.00 
 Rockhounding Nevada  William A. Kappele 12.95 
 Invisible Dinosaur Book (Magic Picture book)  Anna Pomaska 1.50 
 Dinosaur Follow-the-Dots Coloring Book  Patricia Wynne 1.50 
 Desert Hiking Tips  Bruce Grubbs 6.95 
 A Field Guide to Rock Art Symbols of the Greater Southwest  A. Patterson 17.50
 Easy Field Guide to Southwest Petrogylphs  Elizabeth C. Welsh 1.50 


Travel & Historic Guides
 Valley of Fire  William Fiero $9.95 
 Red Rock Canyon  Cheryi Cinkoske Madison 8.95 

 Lake Mead & Hoover Dam

 James C. Maxon 9.95 
Geologic Tours of the Las Vegas Area Expanded Edition 27.95
 Mormon Trail  S. & V. Kimball 9.95 
 Hiking Nevada  Brude Grubbs 15.95 
 The Complete Nevada Traveler  David W. Toll 19.95 
 Anson Call  Gwen Marler Barney 19.95 
 Hookey Beans & Willows (Local History)  Orville Perkins 12.00 
 Construction of Hoover Dam  Dept. of the Interior Bureau of Reclamation 1.95
 Great Basin  Michael L. Nicklas 24.95 
 Covered Wagon Women Volume I  Kenneth L. Holmes 14.95 
 Covered Wagon Women Volume II  Kenneth L. Holmes 16.95
 Covered Wagon Women Volume III  Kenneth L. Holmes 16.95
 Hard Work & Far From Home "CCC at Lake Mead, NV"  Dennis McBride 12.00 
 A Guide to the Anasazi & Other Ancient Southwest Indians  Renaissance House 6.95 
 Lake Mead National Recreation Area Rose Houk 3.95 


Golden Guides
 Small Golden Guides    
 North American Indian  Andrew H. Whiteford $6.95 
 Dinosaurs  Eugene S. Gaffney, Ph.D. 6.95 
 Poisonous Animals  Edmund D. Brodie, Jr., Ph.D. 6.95 
 Butterflies & Moths  Zim & Cottom 6.95 
 Insects  Zim & Smith 6.95 
 Reptiles & Amphibians  Zim & Smith 6.95 
 Birds  Zim & Gaberielson 6.95 
 Geology  Frank H.T. Rhodes 6.95 
 Rocks & Minerals  Zim & Shaffer 6.95 
 Fossils  Frank H.T. Rhodes 6.95 
 Large Golden Guides    
 Wildflowers of North America  Frank D. Venning 15.95 
 Birds of North America  Robbins, et al 15.95 
 Rocks & Minerals  Charles A. Sorrell 15.95 


 How Would you Survive the American West?  Jacqueline Morley $7.95 
 Mountains and Deserts  Gerald Cheshire 9.95 
 Deserts  Neil Morris 6.95 
 Rocks and Minerals  Neil Morris 6.95 
 Ice Age Mammals of North America  Ian M. Lange 20.00