Free reception set for artistic photography that imagines end times PDF Print

“End Times” debuts at The Nevada Historical Society Friday, June 22 at 5 p.m. with a free reception to meet the artist and explore the photographic works of Lee Brumbaugh.  The curator for photography for the NHS, Brumbaugh brings his years of experience with Nevada historical photos to his impression of the end of the world.  Artistically adapted Nevada landscapes become metaphors for the Apocalypse.

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“In my view, a great, conventional, black-and-white print is unsurpassable for beauty and impact.  Exploring the alternate possibilities of the medium is a temptation I cannot resist,” Brumbaugh said.  “The original landscape images have been digitally altered to emphasize metaphor over reality.  To me, the images suggest not just natural disaster, but the human potential for self-destruction.”

Brumbaugh’s work will be displayed through Sept. 29 at the Nevada Historical Society at 1650 N. Virginia St. adjacent to the Fleischman Planetarium.  Free parking permits are available at the museum desk. For more information, contact the society at 688-1190 or go to