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Hand is on the Throttle ProgramHave you dreamed of running your own steam locomotive or know someone who has? The NSRM 'Your Hand is on the Throttle' program may be just the ticket!

This is your opportunity to have your hand on the throttle and learn to operate a historic steam locomotive.  The NSRM engineer program allows you to actually operate a steam locomotive under the supervision of qualified NSRM personnel. Prospective engineers receive hands-on training in the operation of the locomotive and then take the controls for an hour. The NSRM engineer program makes for a full and unique experience you won't get anywhere else.  And remember, it also makes a great gift for that special someone who thought they've done everything!

What Each Student Gets

  • 'Your Hand is on the Throttle' Operations Manual
  • The NSRM Rulebook
  • Hat and Gloves
  • One hour of Class Time
  • One Hour of Locomotive Operation
  • 'Honorary NSRM Engineer' Certificate


  • Must be 18 years or older
  • Ability to climb into the Locomotive

The Locomotive

1905 Baldwin Steam Locomotive, V&T #25, Standard Gauge, 4-6-0

This opportunity is limited. Make your reservation soon.

One Week Minimum advanced registration and payment. For more information or to inquire about or make reservations, please call 775-687-6953 ext. 231.

Hand is on the Throttle program