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docents-museum_store-web.jpgThe Nevada Historical Society Docent Council is an educational organization that supports the mission and activities of the Nevada Historical Society for the past 30 years.

Docents (volunteers) perform vital work in all area of the society including in the galleries as tour guides, in the History on Wheels program that provides outreach services to area schools, in the research library, manuscript, artifact, and photograph collections, admissions office and museum gift shop.

The Nevada Historical Society is home to the state’s oldest museum. It was founded in 1904 with the purpose of collecting, preserving, and interpreting Nevada’s heritage. Because the Society has been collecting for such a long time, the objects on display and the research collections represent exceptional historic resources. The permanent displays in the Shepperson Gallery cover the range of life in Nevada and the great Basin from prehistoric native American inhabitants to the modern growth of Reno and Las Vegas. The Changing Gallery, Hallway Gallery and Conference Room present ongoing series of temporary and traveling exhibitions dealing with Nevada and the West. 

The Nevada Historical Society's mission is to receive, collect, preserve, and conserve objects pertaining to but not exclusively related to the state of Nevada, Washoe County, the Great Basin region, the Lake Tahoe area, and the West as pertaining to the history of Nevada, in order to display, research, educate, exhibit and preserve the history for the people of Nevada.

annual_meeting_docents.jpgWHAT IS A DOCENT?
Have you ever been to a museum, art gallery, historical monument, or similar area where a knowledgeable guide led you through the exhibits and explained the displays? More than likely, this guide was a trained volunteer called a docent. The term docent derives from the Latin verb docere, meaning “to teach.” Docents at the Nevada Historical Society help visitors appreciate the collections by leading adult and school groups through the museum. The docents are also active in a variety of other services to support and promote the Nevada Historical Society.

Docents now work on projects in the research library, the museum store, the History on Wheels program, museum artifacts, photography, and manuscript collections.

The Docent Council’s membership includes all ages—from 21 to well over 80 years. Though their backgrounds differ, the docents meet in a common interest—a love of Nevada and a desire to share their enthusiasm and knowledge with others.

The docents continue to increase their knowledge through the lecture programs presented at their business meetings held the first Monday of each month. The DC Bee is the monthly newsletter for the organization. Special events and field-study trips add to the enjoyment and pride in being a volunteer in this organization.

For more information about the Nevada Historical Society Docent Council, please click on the Docent Membership Form.