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nevada_items_image_2_me NHS Embroidered Tote Bags: navy with silver    $13.00
NHS 3D-Embroidered Caps - navy or silver   $12.00
Dog-tag Necklace picturing Nevada's First Flag from 1905    $3.75
Nevada Passports- similar to a US  Passport, with NV facts & trivia    $5.95
Nevada State Flag on a stick 3” x 5”    $2.50
State Bird - Mountain Bluebird Magnetic “Fly-Thru” Figurine     $4.50
State Outline Lapel Pin     $2.50
Nevada Miner Lapel Pin    $2.50
  NHS Historic Photo Magnet Items - Choice of 1940’s Movie Cowboys, Under the Arch, Frederic DeLongchamps
Courthouse & Riverside Hotel, or Dat-So-La-Lee Basket 
       Mail-A-Magnet Postcard     $4.00
       Magnetic Sticky- Notepad     $3.50
       Regular Magnet     $3.50
mining_artifact_mugs-web.jpg      Key Chain     $2.00
     Tassel Bookmark    $2.00
Stainless Steel Mugs displaying NHS Mining Artifacts   $11.00
Commuter Mugs displaying NHS Minings Artifacts   $10.00
White Mug with blue Nevada Historical Society Seal    $8.95

NHS Pencils-Heat Sensitive Color Change


nvrocks_thumb.jpg Nevada Rocks and Minerals  
Package of Nevada "Wonderstones"    $2.75
Treasure Pouch of NV minerals, charm, faux arrowhead     $4.00
Package of Nevada Geodes     $4.00
Real Gold, Silver, Copper, or Iron Pyrite in Small Sealed Bottles     $2.75

Ghost Town Glass


stuffed_animals_me.jpg Hand Puppets of Nevada Animals & Birds
Selection May Vary - Items Can Be Special Ordered.
Educational Card Included.
Fun For All Ages! Excellent Attention-Getter for Teachers! 
     Donkey   $32.00
     Jackrabbit   $32.00
     Border Collie    $37.00
stuffed_animals_2_me.jpg      Small Black Bear    $13.00
     Beaver   $25.00

     Wolf, Raccoon, Great Horned Owl (each)

Finger Puppets
Educational Card Included.

     Eagle, Jackrabbit, Beaver, Mountain Goat, 
     Barn Owl, Burro, Skunk, Praying Mantis,         Hawk,Otter, Raccoon (each)


  Nevada Historical Society T-Shirts and Sweatshirts  
nhsseal_thumb.jpg NHS T-shirts, white with blue Nevada Historical Society Seal
Sizes: S,M,L
seal_and_color_tshirts-web.jpg State Seal T-Shirts and Sweatshirts
UV ink changes color in sunlight
Call for

UV Ink T-shirts with images of a cabin, bears, horses or a wolf
Sizes: S-XL


Nevada "Historicow" 2-headed calf T-shirts and Sweatshirts
T-Shirt Sizes: Child - Adult XL
Sweatshirt Sizes: S-XL

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