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Pony Express Items- Besides books listed on Young People Page and Poster on Poster page, we also have additional Pony Express books. 

Riders of the Pony Express                                                   $12.95
The Pony Express in Nevada                                                 $  6.95

On the Trail of the Pony Express                                            $17.95

Donner Party Books
The Fateful Journey of Tamsen Donner                                    $17.95
The Donner Party Chronicles                                                  $44.95
Archaeology of the Donner Party                                            $18.95
Patty Reed’s Doll                                                                  $  9.95
Daughters of Destiny                                                             $19.95

Historic Reno
Historic Houses and Building of Reno, Nevada                           $14.95
Lake Mansion - Home to Reno's Founding Families                   $14.95
A Reunion of Landmarks - Roy Powers Paintings                       $12.95
Notecards with Roy Powers Paintings (set of 12)                       $19.95
Crissie Caughlin - Pioneer (History of Caughlin Ranch)               $30.00
Historic Photos of Reno                                                           $39.95
The Mapes Hotel and Casino                                                   $14.95
A Walk Through Time                                                              $  5.00
A Short History of Reno                                                           $16.95
The Rise of the Biggest Little City                                             $34.95
Reno Now and Then                                                                $24.95
Reno's Big Gamble                                                                  $34.95
The Roots of Reno                                                                    $19.95

Native American
Survival  Arts of Primitive Paiutes                                               $21.95
In the Shadows of Fox Peak (Northern Paiutes)                          $20.00
Nevada Military Place Names of the Indian Wars and Civil War    $13.00
As Long as the River Shall Run                                                 $19.95
Life Among the Paiutes                                                            $15.95

Sarah Winnamucca                                                                 $17.95 
Nevada's Bloody Indian Massacre 1911                                     $  5.95
Weavers of Tradition and Beauty                                               $19.95
Enduring Tradition: Culture & Heritage Lake Tahoe                     $12.00
Yokuts and Paites Songs and Culture (includes CD)                  $15.95
Dat-So-La-Lee - Washoe Indian Basketmaker                           $14.95
Preserving Traces of the Great Basin Indians                             $22.00
Legends of Spirit Cave                                                             $15.00

Our book selection is too numerous to list each one. Categories include:
Settler Diaries and Trail History
Mining in Nevada and California
Touring Nevada, by car or hiking
Nevada History
Ghost Towns
Geology, Natural History, Archaeology of Nevada and Specific Areas
Politics and Politicians
Good, Bad, Ambitious and Memorable Women in Early to Modern Nevada
Native American Lifestyle, History, Crafts
Basque Culture, History, Cooking, Literature
Lake Tahoe, Thunderbird Lodge,
Virginia City, the Comstock, Mark Twain
Fort Churchill
Las Vegas
Area Bird and Waterfowl Identification
Local and Medicinal Plant Identification
Architecture, Houses, Buildings, Barns - Victorian, 20's, 30's, 40's
Air Race Poster Book
Fashion of Each Decade Paper Doll books