NHS Store: Items for Young People PDF Print

A  Partial Listing of Fun and Educational Items for Young People 

My Family Tree Workbook     $3.95
Westward Bound 2 Sided Jigsaw Puzzle   $7.95
“Swifty” Pony Express Stuffed Pony, Mochilla, Saddle        $10.95
Riding With The Pony - Elementary Level Activity Book  $4.50
Heading West - Activity Book for Elementary Level  $3.95
Finding The Right Place  $7.95
Here Comes The Pony - Middle & High School Activity Book                                                          $7.95
Reading, Writing Along CA Trail - Middle & High School Level  $7.95


From Slave to Superstar: Jim Beckwourth                                                                          $18.95
Story of the California Gold Rush Coloring Book                    $3.95
Bobbie Kalman - "Life in the Old West" series (various titles)                    $7.95
Mining in Nevada - Coloring and Activity Book                    $1.50
Story Photo Books, (Elko, NV) by Wilson and Zerga:  
Pogonip Magic (Winter)  $15.95
The Curious Adventure (Summer)  $15.95
Autumn Rescue (Fall)  $15.95
The White Fawn (Spring)                  $15.95

Replica Toys

Jacobs Ladder, Clay Marbles, Juggling Set, Quiots,
Cornhusk Doll Kit, Slingshot, Cup and Ball Toy,
Weaving Loom, Metal Puzzles, Nine Pins, Star Knitter,
Goose Quill Pen, A-B-C Hornbook.


  Priced under $10.00 each
Call or e-mail for details.
Wooden Kits - Pre-cut, everything but glue included:
One Room Schoolhouse, Covered Wagon, Stagecoach,
Barn, Church, Train, Windmill, Handcart.
American Pioneer Family Paper Dolls                                                                                               $6.95  
Ranger Ken Discovering Mountain Wildlife Childrens Activity and Coloring Book                             $4.95