Individual Photograph Collections PDF Print

Written lists of the photographs in these collections can be provided to researchers and publishers.
Reference photocopies are available only where noted.
Please note: this is a partial list only.

Acree, Bert. Early Austin and Reese River Valley (including purchased photographs by Crockwell, etc.). Subjects include views of Austin, street scenes, Austin businesses, family, ranch and farm scenes, and carte de visite and cabinet card portraits from Austin.

Neal Cobb Collection. Extensive collection focusing on Reno and vicinity in the 1940s and 50s, from the files of the Modern Photo Agency. Includes Harolds Club, early radio and television, street scenes, the Squaw Valley Olympic teams (posed group shots), and many other subjects.

the Virginia & Truckee Railroad's first locomotive, Chan, Loren B. Scenes of Nevada towns, including Ely, Gardnerville, Mesquite, Las Vegas, Virginia City, the 1960s 35mm color slides.

Curtis, Roy. Location shots of businesses and organizations in and around Reno by one of Reno's best commercial photographers of the 1920s. Reprints which can be photocopied are available. 

Davis, Herman. Nevada mining in the 1890s and early 20th century, excellent photographs of mines and mills by a well known mining engineer. Multiple albums.

Chester H. And Madge Elliott Collection. Glass plates and reprints of Reno and vicinity at the turn of the century, includes railroads, the Hobart Lumber Mills, and Lake Tahoe. Reprints can be photocopied.

Gallagher, C. D. This collection by Ely commercial photographer includes part of his personal collection, miscellaneous studio portraits and unprinted panoramic negatives of the Ruth Copper Pit.

Holt, A. E. A photo album of the Bullfrog Mining District when its was active in the early 1900s.

Jukes, F. Ely area businesses in the 1920s by the town's studio photographer. Damaged nitrate negatives and current reprints.  Reprints can be photocopied.

Mack, Ernie. Extensive documentary series on Nevada rodeos from the 1940s through the 1960s.

McDonald, Joe. Unprinted negatives by a well known photographer for the Nevada State Journal.

J.L. Godfrey Livery Stable, Virginia City. Storey-439 Oakes Collection. An album of photographs depicting the construction of Boulder Dam. 

Orr, Susan. Nevada folk art survey, 1982-83. Black and white and color prints (8X10) of Nevada folk artists and their work, including Rolling Thunder.

Smith, E. W. Tonopah commercial photographer in the early 1900s. Collection covers Tonopah's mines, parades, buildings, homes and businesses, also Jim Butler, the town's founder, and the Lunas Clava women's club. Also lesser coverage of surrounding towns such as Ellendale and Goldfield. 6X8 glass plates and prints.

Smith, James. Unprinted 11X14 glass plates. Bird's eye views of towns, highways, bridges, and landscapes in the 1920s.

Whitburn, F. W. "Kodak" photographs of Austin area ranching and farming, probably the Reese River Valley. Good saloon shots (unidentified) from the 1890s, and ranch bunkhouse interiors.

Winston, William B. Personal photographic album of Rawhide and Goldfield in the early 20th century.