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The Nevada Historical Society has approximately three hundred thousand photographs dating from 1862 to the present. The collection covers the entire state, although its greatest strength is from Nye County north. There are unpublished catalogs for each county, as well as topical catalogs for such subjects as Lake Tahoe, transportation, the military and industry.

Picture of N. Virginia St. and the Reno arch, (downtown), mid-1930s. Wa-2132The collection is exceptionally strong for mining and mining town photographs, from nineteenth-century Virginia City to the early twentieth century boom towns such as Goldfield, Tonopah and  Rawhide, as well as a host of flamboyant but short-lived camps such as Dutch Creek, Weepah and Wahmonie. We also have more than a thousand photographs of Nevada's Native Americans (Paiute, Washoe and Shoshone) and more than nine thousand photographs of early Reno. Boxing, ranching, early saloons, gambling and casinos, Hoover Dam, the Carson Mint, atomic testing, early parades, freight wagons, stages coaches, railroading and ghost towns can be mentioned as additional areas of significant coverage. 

In addition to the general collection, there are individual collections representing single photographers or collectors.

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