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Cahlan Research Library


Rules of Use


Manuscript collections, photographs and even many of our newspapers are one of a kind. In order to preserve them for future use, all patrons must observe the following rules.

  • Materials are for use in the library only. This is a non-circulating library.
  • Food and drink are not permitted in the library.
  • Please be considerate of library staff and patrons - the use of cell phones is not allowed in the library.
  • Please handle the collections with great care, the materials are one of a kind and irreplaceable. Leaning on, tracing over, highlighting, folding or handling material in any way that may cause damage is prohibited.
  • Pens may not be used when working with manuscript collections
  • No marks may be made nor will post-it notes be used on any material.
  • Folders are to be used one at a time. Maintaining the original order of items within folders, and of the folders within containers, is mandatory.
  • Many of our collections require the use of gloves during handling to prevent transfer of oils and dirt to materials. Personal scanners and cameras (video, digital, still) are not allowed without prior approval of the Curators.
  • Materials for copying may be marked with acid free paper bookmarks supplied by the staff.
  • Open backpacks and purses are not permitted near the collection. The library reserves the right to inspect all research material and all personal articles before a patron leaves the area.

Photocopying policy:

  • Use of the copier by patrons is not allowed. Staff and volunteers will do all photocopying.
  • Permission to photocopy an item is always at the discretion of the staff. Permission can be denied for various reasons, including but not limited to, strength of the binding, fragility of the paper, and deed restriction.
  • All photocopy requests will take at least 24 hours to fill. Arrangements can be made for later pickups or mailing of materials. Patrons should understand that there are restrictions on some manuscript collections and that not everything is available for photocopying.
  • Patrons should understand that possession of photocopied material does not give them copyrights or publication rights.
  • Entire collections (including books) will not be photocopied
  • Copies are 25 cents for letter size pages and 50 cents for legal size pages.  Research requests by mail must be paid in advance.


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