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Coloring Books
 North American Indian Designs  Paul E. Kennedy $3.95 
 Little Wildflowers Coloring Book  llil Arbel 12.95 
 Southwest Indians  Peter Copeland 15.95 
Kachina Coloring Book   4.95
 Indian Designs Stained Glass  John Green 1.50 
 Lost City Museum Coloring Book  Ill. by: D.G. Nichols 1.00 
 The Dinosaur Coloring Book  Anthony Rao 3.95 
 Dinosaur Follow-the-Dots  Patricia Wynne 1.50 
 Southwest Desert Animals Stained Glass  John Green 1.50 
 Southwest Desert Plants Stained Glass  John Green 1.50 
 North American Indian Crafts Coloring Book  Peter F. Copeland 2.95 


 Fun with Southwest Indian  Paul E. Kennedy $1.50 
 Fun with Dinosaur  A.G. Smith 1.50 
 Fun with Flower  Paul E. Kennedy 1.50 
 Fun with Desert Animal  Paul E. Kennedy 1.50 
 Fun with Desert Plants  Paul E. Kennedy 1.50 
 Fun with Wildflower  Paul E. Kennedy 1.50 
 Fun with Prehistoric Animals  Paul E. Kennedy 1.50 
Fun With Wild West Paul E. Kennedy 1.50


 Desert Animal Stickers  Steven James Petruccio $1.50 
 North American Indian Stickers  Orban-Szontagh 1.50 
 Southwest Indian Stickers  Orban-Szontagh 1.50 
 Southwest Indian Life Stickers  Orban-Szontagh 1.50 
 Little Dinosaur Stickers  Anna Pomaska 1.50 
 Wildflower Stickers  Turi MacCombie 1.50 
 Authentic Kachina Stickers  Edited by: Jesse W. Fewkes 1.50 
 Southwestern Indian Girl Sticker (Paper Doll)  Kathy Allert 1.50 
 Southwest Indian Boy (Paper Doll)  Kathy Allert 1.50 
 North American Indian Boy and Girl (Paper Doll)  Kathy Allert 3.95 


Misc. Books
 Easy Field Guide to Southwestern Night Sky  Dan Heim $1.75
 North American Indian Activity Book  Winky Adam 1.50 
Natures Yucky! 2 "The Desert Southwest" Lee Ann Landstrom & Karen I. Shragg
 Invisible Dinosaurs (Magic Picture Book)  Anna Pomaska 1.50 
 Indian Design Tattoos  Peter Linenthal 1.50 
 The Little Dinosaur Activity Book  Anna Pomaska 1.50 
A True Book of The Hopi Andrew Santella 6.95
A True Book of the Pueblos Alice K. Flanagan 6.95
A True Book of The Navajo Andrew Santella 6.95
A True Book of The Zuni Alice K. Flanagan 6.95
A True Book of the Utes Alice K. Flanagan 6.95
 Invisible Native Americans (Magic Picture Book)  Pat Stewart 1.50 
 The Little Dinosaurs Stained Glass  Ted Menten 1.50 
 The Anasazi Seasonal Sundial  Dr. Wes Larsen 4.00 
 Ancient Dwellings of the Southwest (Pop-up book)  Derick Gallagher 16.95 
Great Southwest Activity Book   7.95
Golden Guide Sky Observers   6.95