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Nevada's Oldest Cultural Institution
1650 North Virginia Street
Reno, Nevada  89503
Phone: (775) 688-1190 | Fax: (775) 688-2917

Hours of Operation:
Museum & Store: Tuesday - Saturday, 10a - 4:30p
Library: Wednesday - Saturday, 12:00p to 4p

Admission Fees:
Adults...$5.00 years and younger)

Society Closure Dates – 2014
October 4, 2014                UNR Home Football Game
October 11, 2014             UNR Home Football Game
October 31st, 2014           Nevada Day
November 1, 2014           UNR Home Football Game        
November 11, 2014        Veteran's Day
November 22, 2014        UNR Home Football Game
November 27, 2014        Thanksgiving Day
November 28, 2014        Family Day
December 25, 2014        Christmas Day


American Gaming Archives Grand Opening Exhibit featured at the Nevada Historical Society

A Grand Opening exhibit of gambling manuscripts and artifacts will be featured at the Nevada Historical Society reception at 5 p.m. Friday, Oct. 17, 2014 at 1650 No. Virginia Street in Reno.  The American Gaming Archives is a focused collection at the Society and comprises one of the world’s best collections of gambling manufacturers material from the 20th century.  A lecture on the American Gaming Archives at the Society will be given by AGA coordinator Howard W. Herz.

One specialized exhibit will display items from the famous and infamous K.C. Card Co.’s “Blue Book – a company catalog of gambling equipment that sold both fair and cheating devices.  The exhibit features marked cards and other items that the company sold throughout the United States.

Records and artifacts of The Burt Company of Portland, Maine are featured in another display of gambling chip manufacturing procedures along with an explanation of the parts of a gaming chip.  The Burt Company manufactured the vast majority of the gaming chips used in Nevada casinos from the 1960s to the 1980s.

The American Gaming Archives collections were created in 2006 as a home for gambling history in both manuscript and artifact form.  The Nevada Historical Society, Nevada’s oldest cultural institution, is one of the few institutions in the state that maintains both collections of artifacts and manuscript material for historical research.  The archive’s collection includes manufacturer’s records and artifacts from the major gambling manufacturing companies that sold gaming paraphernalia throughout the United States and the Caribbean.

The initial exhibits are intended to present a limited view of the extensive material from the society’s holdings.  We are looking forward to expanding the research capabilities of the AGA.

Nevada Historical Society hosts a Gambling Collectibles Show

A “Chip Dig” will be hosted at the society on Saturday, Oct. 18, 2014 from 10 am to 4 p.m.  This is a gaming collectables show featuring a limited number of dealers of gaming collectibles and memorabilia.  Individuals wishing to buy or sell gaming collectibles are encouraged to bring them to the show.  Admission is free.

SPIRITED NEVADA: A Day of Ghoulish Lectures & One Really Bad Movie

Lecture 11:00-11:45am
“Psychic and Paranormal Existence – Living With The Gift and the Ghost.”

Blessed at birth with Psychic abilities, Sandie La Nae, will be speaking about living with her gift, and how she uses these abilities in Paranormal Investigations and in penning her books. Sandie La Nae,  Author and Thin Veiled Investigators

Lecture 12:00-12:45pm
The Scandalous Life and Death of Virginia City’s Julia Bulette”

"Virginia City's most notorious "working girl" will share in her own words how her scandalous death shocked the Comstock mining town, dividing its citizens in their quest to find and punish her murderer." Kim Copel, Genoa Ghost Tours

Lecture 1:00-1:45pm
Lecture and Book signing—Ghost Stories of Lake Tahoe. Patrick Betson

‘Mini Readings’12:30-3:30pm
While you are visiting with our guests, get a mini reading with Angel or Tarot Cards from card reader, Betty Franklin in the conference room. Betty is an intuitive reader.

Lecture 2:00—2:45pm
Virginia City Cemetery Lecture—Stories and History about the Cemeteries
Candace Wheeler, Executive Director, Comstock Cemetery Foundation
It would not be a boast to say that she has spent more time in the graveyard then anyone alive. Over the years she has uncovered many of the hidden secrets of the cemetery landscape-If you live in the Nevada you may have been to the cemeteries and walked the grounds, but you don’t really know what happened there 150 years ago until you hear the whispered dark tales of years long past. For Candace, dead men do tell tales-and she is prepared to share-just this once.

Movie – 3:00—4:30pm Godmonster of Indian Flats
You don’t want to miss this really bad Nevada-themed movie.  Gaseous vapors from an mine cause the birth of a huge squealing embryo that is cared by a mad doctor that becomes a  8-foot mutant sheep. While the racist mayor of an historic Wild West tourist town attempts to lynch a black man buying real estate. What happens next when the lamb escapes and starts terrifying the population?

During our event, we will tables in the hallway—come and visit:
Thinly Veiled Investigators—We Investigate the spiritual world with Dignity, Respect
and Honor. An increasing lack of consistency in understanding hauntings, ghosts, and  other manifestations of spirit beings makes informed knowledge ever more crucial.  Thin Veil Investigators believes that our collective knowledge of the paranormal should be shared, to educate everyone on the actual attitude, condition and behavior of spirits.

Author—Sandie La Nae—Sandie has penned nine books, with themes of the paranormal and historical, educational, and of the divinatory and healing properties of minerals. Blessed at birth with the Gift to foresee the future, she has devised her own intuitive visionary method using a unique Reading element—Stones.

Author—Patrick Betson—Recognized as an authority on the history of Lake Tahoe and Northern Nevada.  Patrick is the author of "The Ghosts of Lake Tahoe (The Stuff of Legends.) He is a narrator, guest speaker, radio presenter and Tour and Operations Manager for local and international travel.

Comstock Cemetery Foundation—A non-profit organization that was established to restore the gardens of  the past and share their story in an innovative and provocative manner.  The Operating Board comprises members of organizations represented within the Silver Terrace Cemeteries, Virginia City (NV), Silver City (SC), and Gold Hill Cemeteries in Gold Hill (NV).

Nevada Paranormal Institute—The  Nevada Paranormal Institute (N.P.I.) is a non-profit paranormal organization dedicated to the study, research, education, and documentation of paranormal phenomena. N.P.I. is dedicated to finding the truth no matter what that may be.  N.P.I. accomplishes its mission with a mixture of scientific evidence collection and the use of psychic abilities.


10th Annual Biennial History Conference – March 2015

Thinking Beyond Nevada’s Borders
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Nevada’s heritage starts here! Established in 1904, the Nevada Historical Society is the oldest institution of its kind in Nevada. Learn more about our Museum, the Wier and Mortensen Research Library and our academic publication called the Nevada Historical Society Quarterly. Join in the countless programs we offer or shop in our newly remodeled Museum Store.

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Volunteer Training Classes Schedule – March 2015
The Docent Council is a volunteer organization that supports the mission and activities of the Society. They host two training classes each year, one in the spring and fall. What a wonderful way to learn about Nevada's history through volunteering at the Society. Docents perform vital work in all areas of the Society, including in the galleries as tour guides for kids and adults, in the research library, artifacts, manuscripts and photography collection, and in the admissions/museum store. Come and meet this fascinating group of people that share a common interest—a love of Nevada, the Society and a desire to share their enthusiasm and knowledge with others.

For more information, please contact the Society at 775-688-1190 ext. 0 or email Shery at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Research Library is Seeking Book Donations

We would like to add the following books to our permanent collection but we need your help.

1.     Lost Legacy of Carson Valley: The Rise and Fall of H.F. Dangberg Ranching Empire by
Steve “Dick” Achard and Conrad Buedel, 2013.

2.     Blood of the prophets: Brigham Young and the massacre at Mountain Meadows by
Will Bagley, 2002.

3.     Landing in Las Vegas, Commercial Aviation and the Making of a Tourist City by
Bubb, Daniel K., 2012.

4.     Nevada’s Changing Wildlife Habitat, An Ecological History, Gruell, George E., 2012.

5.     Reclaiming Basque, Language, Nation, and Cultural Activism, Urla, Jacqueline, 2012

For more information, please contact Michael Maher at 775-688-1190 ext 227 or email him This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it