Compassion and Gratitude: The Nevada Friendship Train and The Merci Train


Age in 1949:
Cell Phone:

Do you remember the Friendship Train (1947)

Do you remember the Merci Train (1949)

Were you there?

Was a friend or relative there?

Did you help with the Friendship Train Food Drive?

Did you participate in any of the ceremonies?
     Reno – Friendship Train Yes
     Carson City – Merci Train arrival Yes
     Capitol ceremony with Governor Pittman Yes
     Carson High Band Yes
     Stewart Indian School Band Yes

Did you or anyone you know receive any gifts? Yes
What kind?
Do they still exist? Yes No
Can we photograph them? Yes No

What did you think about the Friendship Train project and France's response?

Do you see similarities or comparisons in the world today?

What do you remember about French-American relations after WWII?

What do you know of French-American relations in the history of our nation?

What do you think/know about French-American relations today?

What do you think Nevada's citizens should get from our Merci Project // the value of this project?

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