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nhs_datsolalee basket 

Datsolalee Basket

nhs_miners bathtub

Miner's Bathtub from Candelaria, 1870s

Permanent Gallery - Reno History

The Biggest Little City in the World 
focuses upon Reno's fascinating history. 

Tough Little Town on the Truckee

Reno Noir: 20th Century Sin City 

On the Road Again: Travel and Tourism in the Biggest Little City

Every Day Reno: People, Places and Things

Modern Reno: The Future is Now

The Nevada Historical Society Society hosts most programs in our quaint History Gallery. Limited seating is available so arrive early.

Permanent Gallery - Nevada History

The Nevada: Prisms & Perspectives tells five crucial stories about life in the Silver State. Each story is complete in itself, but all five are intimately related to each other. 

Living on the Land

Riches from the Earth

Passing Through

Neon Nights

The Federal Presence